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i hate this stupid riddle!

the kelly clarkson wha?

the uh.. stuff that dreams are made of.


the kelly clarkson riddle, forum, and kellyclarksonriddle.com website entirely conceptualized, written, created and produced by spjk2k for no talent productions 2005. mad props and big respects go to david münnich, creator of the brilliant notpron riddle and unwitting inspiration for the creation of the kelly clarkson riddle; to don, for the use of his incredibly realized program, and for his intelligence and friendship born of a common obsession; to the google corporation for their straight professionalism, and for providing quite simply the best global search engine apparatus in existence; to msn for so generously hosting a great forum at no cost to the members; to the frighteningly loyal kel fans all over the planet for both their participation in the beta test and for their general enthusiasm and encouragement, as this project never would have come to fruition without the inadvertent support of kel's legions of fans; and finally, much love and respect forever goes out to queen dork of the universe herself, easily the most infectious stack of humanity in the industry today. almost three four five six seven eight nine ten +x years later, and i'd still slay a dragon for you.

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