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riddle ripples

a riddle ripple refers to an interactive security measure (ism) implemented prior to the launch date of the riddle. much like kel herself, riddle ripples change the game, functioning as an interactive chain reaction, dependent on the actions of the users participating in the riddle. the ripples are not retroactive, meaning they don't negate any user's overall progress in the riddle, but there are various types of ripples that may or may not be encountered throughout the course of the kelly clarkson riddle. due to the interactive nature of the ripple scripts, as well as the incalculable number of users participating by the time the ripples are encountered, there is no way to determine which ones may or may not be activated. the following list of ism string parameters and functions can assist the user in determining the nature of a given ripple.

code definitions

ismcode=1uv ; accessed level contains one (1) unique visitor activation code

ismcode=2uv ; accessed level contains two (2) unique visitor activation codes

ismcode=3uv ; accessed level contains three (3) unique visitor activation codes

ismcode=4uv ; accessed level contains four (4) unique visitor activation codes

class definitions

ismclass=urllvl ; altered url solution and/or method purge, elements of previously existent level remain intact

ismclass=dir ; directory relocation or name alteration only, elements of previously existent directory remain intact

ismclass=unpw ; username and/or password purge, elements of previously existent level remain intact, solution method remains intact

ismclass=newlvl ; exhaustive purge of previously existent level, all elements replaced including un/pw and solution method

ismclass=gensite ; general class, not necessarily level related, refers to a previously inaccessible or dormant page

range definitions

iprange=all ; entire user dbase access affected

iprange=1/0 ; single or static ip address range of user dbase access affected (visible only to affected user; extremely rare)

iprange=1 ; single ip address range of user dbase access affected (visible only to affected user; extremely rare)

status definitions

status=active ; ism currently activated

status=inactive ; ism currently not activated

status=interrupted ; ism has been activated, but is currently deactivated

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